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BonTalen & Partners - Goed in talen en communicatie

BonTalen & Partners BV specialises in communication in all languages and operates throughout the Netherlands.

Language is the most common form of communication between people. It enables us to exchange information, share knowledge and articulate our feelings. 

To communicate effectively, we need to speak the same language as the person we are conversing with. But knowledge of language alone is not enough. To really understand one another, we also need to be aware of the cultural similarities and differences that affect the way we interact and the way business is done.

We at BonTalen & Partners regard language and communication as two disciplines that are inextricably linked. Our language tutors, trainers, translators and consultants can help you communicate adequately and effectively in any language through a clear understanding of the language and culture of the target group.
This vision is reflected in the range of services we provide:

  • Language and communication training
  • Translation services
  • Consultancy

We provide high quality tailored services. Flexibility and personal attention are cornerstones of our approach and are much appreciated by our clients.

BonTalen & Partners BV

Eemstraat 6
3764 DE, Soest
Postbus 3127
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