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Dutch as a second language (NT2) courses

Dutch as a second language (NT2) courses are for foreign speakers who are either living in the Netherlands on a temporary basis or have settled in the Netherlands permanently for whom Dutch is or must become a second language.

A tailored BonTalen & Partners NT2 course enables course participants to successfully engage in the labour market, social situations and educational programs.

The structure of the course and the nature of the content are determined by the course participants’ needs:

Our approach

In principle, we start by conducting an intake session with every course participant.

During the intake session the course participants answer questions about their learning requirements, motivation and expectations, their Dutch-speaking contacts and their educational qualifications. We also ask them to do a test so we can assess their current proficiency in the language skills they want to improve.
This enables us to gain a clear understanding of the entry level and learning needs, so we can arrange the groups as efficiently as possible and tailor the training to the specific situation in each case. During the intake session we welcome input in the form of practice-related material that needs to be incorporated in the training. We then develop a training proposal and suggest individual training or participation in a group process depending on the needs and possibilities of the course participants. After that, we select the teaching materials, which are supplemented with multimedia components where necessary and required.
This way of working ensures the best possible learning outcome.

The first training session can be scheduled approximately two to three weeks after the intake session.

At the end of a course we test the language proficiency of the course participants, or, if appropriate, they sit the civic integration exam or one of the NT2 state language exams.

More information and/or quotation

Our quotations are all-inclusive. They include all tuition and training fees, intake sessions and tests, teaching materials, course development and accommodation.

If you would like more information about our Dutch as a second language (NT2) courses, or if you would like to request a quotation, please click here.

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